cropped-NELPAG_logo_type.jpgThe ”’New England Light Pollution Advisory Group”’ (NELPAG) is a volunteer group founded in 1993 to educate the public on the benefits of using efficient, glare-free outdoor night lighting — and understanding what to light, when (and when not) to light it, and how much light is needed.

To accomplish these goals, NELPAG maintains and provides resources for anyone involved in outdoor-lighting issues, from state and local officials considering the implementation of laws and bylaws, to utility companies that maintain streetlighting, to ordinary people who want to light their homes or businesses in the best ways possible.

NELPAG also sponsors meetings throughout the New England region that bring together lighting engineers, astronomers, policy makers, journalists, and the general public for discussion of improvement in outdoor night lighting.

The NELPAG Council

Our organization is coordinated by a group of veteran light-pollution activists:

. J. Kelly Beatty (chair), Chelmsford, MA
. Bob Crelin, Branford, CT
. Robert Gillette, Ossipee, NH
. Daniel W. E. Green, Lexington, MA
. Michael Hansen, Cambridge, MA
. Eric Johansson, Westord, MA
. Bernie Kosicki, Acton, MA
. Mario Motta, Gloucester, MA
. Michael Ratner, Watertown, MA
. Leo Smith, Suffield, CT
. Peter Talmage, Northfield, MA
. Paul Valleli, Burlington, MA